The Girly Laws- Advocating for Women’s Reproductive Health Rights

Welcome Women and Girls of  Power! This blog is dedicated to you!

Here at the Girly Laws you will find all you need to know about current issues revolving around women’s reproductive health rights. As a women, standing up for independent freedom from all laws and politics as well as uniting to other women in the same cause is what the Girly Laws promote… social justice for all women!

I ask, however, when visiting Girly Laws to please follow these simple rules:

1- Be open, honest, and straightforward. Tell me what you think! Don’t worry, I don’t bite (well, only if you challenge my rights as a women!)

2- Be kind to your fellow commentators! No rude, vulgar or crude remarks allowed here at the Girly Laws!

3- Sharing is caring! Please continue to advocate by sharing your favorite posts to twitter, facebook, etc! Spread the love!

4- Visit me often! Check back every week to see what’s up on the Girly Laws!

5- Have fun!

For information on Women’s Reproductive Health Rights and Social Justice please visit the Center for Reproductive Rights website!


One thought on “The Girly Laws- Advocating for Women’s Reproductive Health Rights

  1. I am excited just by reading the title Iris! I know there is so much to say about women that I know I won’t get bored when I visit you blog. So you already know taht I am following the last rule, I am going to have a blast.

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