Obama- “preventative care that will not discriminate”. Obama on contraception, health care reform, and religious freedom.

Hello Girlies!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

If you haven’t heard, then let me update you on some really important stuff!

On Friday, President Barack Obama announced his new proposition for religious institutions requiring contraceptive coverage to their employees. Under this new law, health care policies for non-profit religious instituions are not required to state contraceptive coverage, however, the insurance companies are mandated to provide contraceptives to all women of any religious instituion.

Some say the government has no right to intrude in the church and require them to accept laws that go against their religious beliefs. Others say that “this a step in the right direction”.

But in what direction are we moving towards? Does government have the right to impose such a law on religious institutions? Or is this a human right  for all women?

I need to know what you girls think of this! Please view the video clip on ABC… Obama Backs Off Birth Control Battle? , and let me know what is on your mind!

Have a good night girlies!

Check back next week for more on all the stuff we girls love to talk about! 🙂


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