Be Free to Choose Birth Control- Obama’s New Mandate Shift.

Hello Girlies!

Hope you all had an amazing week and are looking forward to a very relaxing, yet proactive weekend. Now, remember all the commotion are Obama’s new birth control law requiring religious institutions who have insurance to offer birth control to their employees? Yeah, well Obama has now had second thoughts about this mandate, along with oppositions from many religious and political parties have caused him to tweek the law a bit.

The President has come under some extreme heat about the issue and many are questioning government’s role in the right to choose.  Please tell me what you think about the freedom to choose your own birth control and  the role of government and religious institutions in advocating for woman’s health rights.

let’s talk!


One thought on “Be Free to Choose Birth Control- Obama’s New Mandate Shift.

  1. Well, when it comes to a woman’s right to choose. I think women should have the right to choose, and have a say in what concerns their bodies. I understand that according to the religion institutions abstinence is the way to go, but lets face it we all have fallen short of the glory of God. When a women has an abortion for whatever reason, is it not the woman who stays with that burden or guilt for the rest of her life? And for those who gives birth to an unwanted child, gives the child away for adoption or treats the child without love;wouldn’t it be the same woman who would remember the whole experience of bearing a child for the rest of her life? The outcome, would never affect those religious leaders or government as much as the person going through it. So they need to consider or I should say put themselves in the person’s shoes before making such harsh decisions.

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