At it Again!- Congress Upheaval Towards Controlling Reproductive Health Rights (Oklahoma)

Hello Girls!

Hope you all had a great week and for those of you who were able to look at the current events in the NY Times, the act of hate on woman’s reproductive health rights continues to sprawl.

Thanks to a classmate of mine who was so kind enough to send me a blog on iReport for CNN, I was able to see the reaction of many women to the new person-hood anti-abortion legislation that was recently passed by the Oklahoma Senate.

What does the new legislation mean for Oklahoma women? It means three basic words; restriction, limitations, and violation. Under this new legislation women are restricted and limited in their access to certain reproductive health services such as birth control options, abortions, and emergency contraception. This law also threatens to affect access to other critical women health services.

After reading a blog post from Pamela Haag from HuffPost, Birth Control Isn’t Really About “Women’s Health.” It’s About…, I was able to formulate two very intrinsic questions; 1. What exactly is the definition of choice? and 2. What exactly is society’s definition of ‘abortion culture’?

Please take the time out to share your thoughts on this issue as well comment on the questions I have posted.

Before I go I wanted to share some insightful words from a good friend of mine who is a health educator (No name provided for confidential reasons) at a Bronx High School and she said “Really? An egg is a person? Do you know that people [abortion doctors] die for that shit? Really a fu*@#$! blob of cells? That is not a person, that thing cannot be able to support its self outside the woman’s body. When that ‘thing’ is able to survive and live on it owns, then it’s considered a person!” -my she friend!

Good Night and remember you don’t have to be a feminist to speak against those who violate your rights!


One thought on “At it Again!- Congress Upheaval Towards Controlling Reproductive Health Rights (Oklahoma)

  1. When I read about women’s health with regards to abortion/birth control and so forth.All that comes to mind is power dynamics.Yes,we live in a very modern century but do we women really have the choice that society claims we have?Why is there so much controversy surrounding the term abortion.Like you said it is our body and we know what we want although that it is within the norms for people in power to think that we don’t, hence decide for us.Women should have the right to do whatever they want,when they please and with that I am not even mentioning the context that they might be in.Its just that other seem to think otherwise and the true reasons behind it remain unfortunately undisclosed….

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