Law allows Rapist to Marry Victim- Activists call for Justice!

This week I learned that a 16-yr old girl who was forced to marry her rapist had committed suicide jut after 3-months of marriage. Reading the news articles posted on the internet about this tragedy made me realize the culture boundaries that still exist today impeding social equality for women. The unfortunate situation of Amina Filali proves that government can continue to rule over the woman and create a systematic oppression that is practiced in society as the norm of women culture. Is it okay for a 16-year old to wed her rapist for the sake of preserving a families societal standing? In this case, culture, values, and religious beliefs outweigh the moral, humanistic, and civil rights of the victim.

According to the law, justice is achieved through the marital union of the victim and the rapist. The crime is not the dishonor or moral degradation of the victim, it is the forcible act of rape. The punishment is no longer the burden of the criminal nor the burden of the family, but of the victim. Is there justice in that? Is there an equal or fair trial for the victim or does government and societal norms dictate a woman’s right to equality?

To start this discussion, view the video below by the YOUNGTURKS and let me know your feelings on this issue.



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