Innocent fun? Or Deliberate Defimiation?

I came across this photo clicking through a seemingly funny array of pictures of dogs saying funny things. I’ll admit, these photos were pretty funny, however, I came across this one photo that seemed to stand out.

This photo seemed to catch my attention, not for its humor, but for it’s underlying meaning. To the close-minded, it might seem funny, maybe even get a bit of giggles out of you. But what seems to be the problem, is the joke it’s self.

Is this how woman’s rights are portrayed now a days? Is our fight for equality a joke to others? Or is it simply an issue that is just not that important that a dog and a grasshopper must find humorous? In attempt to justify this picture, I came across one possible concept; people are just so damn ignorant!

And I am not disturb because of the example of the joke; race, class, sexual orientation, or gender identity could have been a target of this ridiculous satire.

I hope this image stirs a conversation, as well enlighten those who still think that woman’s rights issues are yesterdays news.

~Something to think about…


One thought on “Innocent fun? Or Deliberate Defimiation?

  1. This picture is not funny and whoever did this was like you said “ignorant.” You put it nicely so I’ll keep it that way. As women, we tend to think that we have come a long way so we don’t find it necessary to have stir things up. But let’s think about it: women earn less in this world but we practically work twice harder than man, and that is only because we are women, it is worse when we are colored, disabled, etc… Women’s rights is really neglected and it is important to do something to restate that we are essential on this earth and we have rights. Thank you for denouncing this!

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