Social Media & Women- An Opportunistic Movement


Society’s view of  a traditional female role has changed much since the radical feminist movements of the late 1960’s early 1970’s; however, the increasing wave of technology have given women a more opportunistic venture than that presented during those historic times in women’s history. Is it true that social media has created the female gender into opportunistic freaks? Have women dominated the social media realm of communication over the male counterparts? Is this phenomenon true? Or is this another tactic in today’s feministic movements? In reality, let’s simplify the answer and say that women are just much more intelligent in communicating and using social media in a creative, unique, and empowering way.

Women are now using social media for business, education, and networking opportunities. Women have advanced substantially with the newest wave of technology and have adapted greatly to the new means of communication for the 21st century. According to Jessica Faye Carter, an award-winning author and columnist, that of the estimated 87 million women online, around 67.5 million are engaged with social media. And women are now the majority of users on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Faye-Carter writes in a blog post on maskable saying, “For women, social media presents abundant opportunities to lead, effect change, innovate, and build relationships across sectors, locally, nationally, and globally.”

It is extremely beneficial, as women, to take advantage of this opportunity and use it to not only promote business, increase business related opportunities, or networking, but to educate, enlighten, and raise awareness about issues that affect women as a whole. In general, social media is an extremely useful tool in promotion and networking both inter ally and externally for personal and community gain. Remember that in doing so, as a women, you must portray your own ubiquitous voice and create change on a larger scale. Social media is an outlet of ideas, allow this new world to take you beyond what you knew you had the capabilities to do. Press on, or should I say click on sisters social media is ours!

To read  more on Social Media and Women read on wordpress!


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