Here is a very informative post by a fellow classmate of mine who’s also highlighting the opportunities offered to women under the new Affordable Care Act.

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Preventative care enables doctors to:

  • identify health problems early
  • manage health problems more effectively
  • prevent the progression of health problems

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates private insurers to cover preventive care and services sans patient cost-sharing.

Under the ACA, insurers are required [by federal regulations] to cover a range of women’s preventive services including:

  • annual well-woman visits
  • testing for STIs and HIV
  • breast feeding support
  • counseling for domestic violence

Unfortunately, these preventative services are not nearly as comprehensive as they should be. This is because:

  • Many services are not offered frequently
  • A number of services are not included

The following chart provides further explanation.

Preventive Service


Well-woman visits Annual

Problem: Several visits are needed to obtain all necessary preventive services, depending on health status, health needs, risk factors

Screening for gestational diabetes Women between 24 and 28 weeks of gestation and at the first prenatal visit for…

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