Obama Declares National Women’s Health Week 2012

This week (May 14th- May19th) has been declared by President Obama as National Women’s Health Week 2012. President Obama has declared this in celebration of women’s health by promoting positive health care among the female american population. Women’s health week is dedicated to recognizing the health of women by promoting health eating, active lifestyles, regular visits to primary care physicians, paying attention to mental health and stressors, and avoiding unsafe health behaviors like smoking.

The new initiative by the U.S. Department of Health & the Office of Women’s Health have create a movement towards empowering women and creating positive change for all women regarding their health and health care access. Under the Affordable Care Act, women have the opportunity for greater choices and more control surrounding specific women’s health services; mammograms, reproductive health care, colon-cancer screenings, preventative care services, and primary care. For women, this can be a great way to seek needed medical services that were once unattainable for various reasons surrounding inadequate insurance coverage due employer-based restrictions or income.

Women’s health week allows friends, families, community-based organizations, state and local health departments to collaborate and join efforts to promote wellness and health for all women nationally. On the Women’s Health Week website you can find great resources to increase health awareness as well as get involved in this week community-wide events surrounding women’s health that are close to your area. Take this opportunity to evaluate your health as a women and take preventative measures to assure that your health issues are addressed.

Below is a video by the Obama Administration on how the President has made drastic changes and movements towards women’s health liberation and the progress he has made in supporting women and their rights nationally.


One thought on “Obama Declares National Women’s Health Week 2012

  1. Hey Iris! I have to say that there has been significant changes for women’s rights in this country especially through the health care reform and though there is still a long way to go, we are taking small steps and they count too. However, I think that there are so many days and weeks dedicated to women but they are not publicized enough. Except for mother’s day of course. what do you think?

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