Area for New Research- Public Policies on Teen Pregnancy

There has been recent changes made to abortions laws in different states, as well as other pertinent women’s health care reforms all over the U.S. However, the role of public policy As part of my research symposium class at Hunter College, I was asked to proposed area for new research. I proposed studying the effects of social policy on the rate of teen pregnancies in the U.S. The research proposal aims at identifying certain limitations and restriction surrounding 3 key components in the issue of teen pregnancy; abortion laws, access to reproductive health care, and comprehensive sexual education programs. Research will be geared at identifying certain behaviors in the context of sexual activity initiation. The study hypothesizes that the more restrictions placed on the above three key components will cause an increase in the amount of teen pregnancy rates and births.

The research also proposes partnership with the National Institute for Reproductive Health Care as the key collaborator in this project. With their partnership, I have proposed to study this effect of policy policy using a mixed method research; focus groups, surveys, policy analysis, and meta-analysis of existing research.

If you are interested in learning more about this research, please feel free to look at the presentation below and leave your comments. If this is your field or area of work, I urge you to provide constructive feedback.


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