My Top Five Most Influential Women in My Life

The most influential women in my life not only oriented me, but have guided me in pursuing my academics, my personal accomplishments, and many of my self-discovered talents. These women have showed me that creating opportunities for your community, while strengthening yourself as an individual is a fulfilling experience that has lasting purpose and enjoyment. In one way or a another, the following women will always have a special place in my heart, as well as the hearts of those whom they’ve touched with their undoubting love and work.

5. Paloma Hernandez

Source: Urban Health Plan, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Hernandez on a variety of projects for her organization, Urban Health Plan, Inc. When I first started working for this organization, I remembered only one thing from orientation and wasn’t just the fire safety rules. I remember Ms. Hernandez saying that, “Whatever yo do for this community and the people we serve to better their lives is okay with me. Just make sure it is not illegal.” As funny as that statement might have been, I took it heart. In my journey and devotion to the community of the South Bronx, I have c omitted to making helping teens make more healthy and informed decisions in which ever way possible…just as long as it is not illegal. Ms. Hernandez has shown me with perseverance and dedication, you can accomplish the most unattainable goal.

4. Michelle Obama

Source: The White House Blog

3. Jasmine Maxine Nunez (My Angel) 

Source: Facebook

I don’t know where I can start to express how much I loved  this girl. Jasmine and I went wayyyy back from our days in JHS 210. She was the most sweetest person you will ever meet and when the others use to bully me, she was the one to say stop! She stood up for me even when I didn’t meet the criteria to be in popular crew as she was. We separated and went on to high school were she pursued her love of nursing and caring for others. After High School, we caught up on Facebook and remincised about the old days. Even though she hated talking about it, I often times made jokes of it and said that I was over it thanks to her. On June 12th, 2o12 I got the most disturbing message from a friend of mine saying that Jasmine was found murdered and burned in a park in Virginia and was reported missing shortly before this had occurred. I was in Miami at the time and before my trip she told me what to do when I got there, what to bring, and what to drink ;). I never got a chance to tell her how crazy my Call a Cab at Wet Willy’s was. I miss you today, tomorrow, and forever. R.I.P Princess Jasmine June 28th, 1988- June 12th, 2011.

2. Whitney Houston

Source: Tekstovi

The influential and most talent artitist ever in the history of music, Ms. Whitney Houston. Her role in my life is paramount as I discovered my new found talent of song and music through her. Her album, The Body Guard, was instrumental in my life and everyday since I had screamed and belched those songs to my hearts content. Whitney Houston will forever hold a special place in my heart for she is the one who inspired me to sing and to continue to sing to giver of my talent…God.

1. Iris Castillo (My Mom)

What more can I say…she’s my mom! I love her so much and words cannot describe what I feel towards her. She is my friend, my constant companion, my giver, my protector, my all. She is the women that has made me into the women I am today. Thanks mom! I love you!


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