Starting my Internship at The National Institute of Reproductive Health!


Source: The National Institute for Reproductive Health

Tomorrow is my official start date as an intern at The National Institute of Reproductive Health. I plan on staying at the institute as an intern for a long time and not just for the Summer. I really like the area of research, but I will be specifically working on a local collaborative between teen service providers and teens. The program I will be working on is the Adolescent Health Care Communication Program, where peer educators of the program conduct outreach events and promote teen-friendly workshops that can help teen service providers be more “teen-friendly.” 

The NIRH states that, “The AHCCP has shown that when trained teenagers are given the opportunity to work directly with health care providers, the teens are empowered, becoming more confident and well-informed health care consumers, and the providers gain privileged access to the perspectives of their target population.” 

My role in the position is take over the prior data entry and analysis of research from the other intern and continue to evaluate the program through pre and post-survey. These survey are administered to the service providers only, and my job is to evaluate content, enter data, and other duties as assigned by my most awesome internship coordinator Pauline DeMairo. 

I will admit, I am a little nervous because I’ve never held a position so close to Park Ave and the reputation of the organization speaks for itself in that I have to maintain that high quality academic integrity. I am excited and I can’t wait to learn so many new things. I will update you all on my first day ventures tomorrow! 


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