The Fieldwork Experience at NIRH

Data Collection & Evaulation can become a difficult skill to master.


Interning at NIRH has been very beneficial in creating a strong network of public health professionals in the field of Sexual and Reproductive health. The AHCCP Program has also defined a larger component of public health initiatives that create larger opportunities for teens. As the program completes it’s deliverables for the FY 2011-12, I will continue to provide administrative support for the evaluation piece. However, when FY 2012-13 beings in July, I will be in charge of a large portion of data collection and evaluation. I hope to gain more polished skills in data collection, entry, and evaluations. I also hope to learn how to manage excel databases and collective both qualitative and quantatative data for the AHCCP piece.

I want to be competent in research and literature reviews. As well as, be able to accurately and concussively report on collective information and present it in a legible format. These skills will allow me to be a more component and well-round public health professional. Data and evaluation are pivotal when implementing certain programs or interventions for you are expecting to follow-up with your initiatives and see if they have actually worked or not. In order to precise and knowledgeable in this area of program planning, these skills must be developed and used at various points in your career.

At NIRH, I hope this experience will further develop my skills and create opportunities for external networking.


The Project

As a Summer intern at the National Institute for Reproductive health I have been made in charge of various tasks that must be completed in the FY 2011-12. The program has a variety of  deliverables and part of my work requires me to complete evaluations and maintain DOH standards when completing these reports. This includes evaluations of pre and post- tests, scanning deliverables such as sign-in sheets and program evaluations, as well as provide administrative support to the local collaborative intern. 

One of our projects include developing a Front-Line Staff training manual that will be used by teen educators trained in workshop facilitation that the DOH has asked to be included into the deliverables for FY 2012-2013. I have been helping the intern who developed the curriculum review it and make any revisions as seen necessary. They are also in the process of constructing a literature review on what exactly it means to be front-line staff and how they play a vital role in patient-doctor relationship and what constitutes as “teen-friendly.” 

M.I.A & The New Scoop

Sorry everyone for the delay- I’ve been M.I.A for the past few weeks because I honestly do not want anything to do with school for awhile.

I’ve started my internship at The National Institute for Reproductive Health and it’s been an extremely benefical time. I am a apart of the Adolescent Health Care Commujnication Program that seeks to use young people in promoting open communication between teens and their health care providers. For the first weeks, I have taken time time to understand the program delvierables and components and have actively been working on a local collaborative piece for the Front-Line Training for medical service providers. This component is just one of the many pieces to the AHCCP initiative at the NIRH.

The ACHHP initiative was designed to help medical providers communicate more effectively with their teens patients thus reducing barriers and increase patient-doctor relationship. This has shown to increase the like hood that teens will make informed decisions about their health. Primarily, this organization is to increase overall awareness and equality among teens and women that affect their sexual and reproductive health. But their work is also surrounding political issues regarding reproductive health and access to quality care. This organization is instrumental in passing certain laws that create opportunities for women and teens to access care and information.

Below is a video of the one the initiatives this organization had implemented called Back Up Your Birth Control from the Pro-Choice America.