TORCH Summer Leadership Training Institute

This summer, my intern duties have also asked that I put my “youth-loving” skills to good use. The Teens Outreach Reproductive CHallenge (TORCH) program is composed of strong, young, peer educators, that are trained in everything that has to do with sexual and … Continue reading

Cultural competence is an extremely necessary skill to…

Cultural competence is an extremely necessary skill to master in the field of public health. However, I do not work directly with a specific population – but my work still involves teens. This population is considered an “at-risk” or “vulnerable” population where certain measures must be taken to ensure adequate services are provided in that area. My role at NARAL is to provide evaluation and administrative support to research and development teams. Whatever job is being done, a solid and concrete definition of cultural competency must be understood. I have decided to reblog this excellent piece on cultural competency.


Avichal Garg

What is Cultural Competence?

Core competence is a factor that cannot be easily replicated and gives the business a competitive advantage in delivering their product or service to customers. Core competencies are how a business does something.

Cultural Competence is the lens through which opportunities are identified and evaluated. Cultural competencies are how a business figures out what to do. [1]


Every business, no matter the size, has cultural competencies.

  • Cultural competencies are a reflection of the founders’ personalities. It’s no coincidence that Google was started and led by Ph.Ds, Apple by a designer-perfectionist, and Amazon by a quant from a hedge fund.
  • Cultural competencies are directionally set as you go from 0-20 people. If you achieve product-market fit, you will only deepen your cultural competencies. You can inject new culture via new (strong) leadership, but the existing leadership has to be receptive. The larger the organization, the harder…

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Reaction Blog: NARAL Pro-Choice New York Part 1

As of today, my journey at NARAL Pro-Choice NY has been extremely influential. Thus far, I have help create and evaluate training curriculum for front-line staffs as well as create a info sheet on Minors Health Rights in New York State. This next project, is to be used as part of the the training materials used in the ASPP (Adolescent Standardized Patient Project) and the KIRWYD (Keeping It Real With Your Doctor). These two components of AHCCP (Adolescent Health Care Communication Project) are integral pieces in having medical service providers obtain the necessary communication skills they need to better service their patients. As part of the administrative team, I am also responsible for preparing all materials for future trainings; agendas, transportation, information packages, info sheets, and other important training materials. Currently, we are preparing for AHCCP’s annual training at Richmond Medical Center in Staten Island, NY. Each year, AHCCP and the TORCH peer educators conduct both components of the program to residents and medical providers at the center. Richmond Medical Center has been actively involved with the AHCCP program when using their services and skills development to prepare their residents for the customer service (if you will) portion of their training as future medical doctors.

We are currently completing our cycle for FY 2011-2012 and internship coordinator is actively involved in reporting the develierables to funders, primarily the Department of Health. We will continue to conduct outreach efforts locally and nationally to promote the AHCCP. There have also been conversations surrounding a possible grant recipient of AHCCP in the state of Washington, where our program director had the pleasure of conducting a site visit just two weeks ago. The AHCCP hopes to reproduce their programs in various  states where these skills lack in prospective doctors or medical residents.

On Tuesday, I will be conducting a Leadership Training for the TORCH peer educators to prepare them for AHCCP for FY 2012-2013. I will update you on this training shortly.