TORCH Summer Leadership Training Institute

This summer, my intern duties have also asked that I put my “youth-loving” skills to good use. The Teens Outreach Reproductive CHallenge (TORCH) program is composed of strong, young, peer educators, that are trained in everything that has to do with sexual and reproductive health. Their goal is to both educate and advocate for youth surrounding sexual education and access to quality sexual and reproductive health care for all teens. Before continuing their work, the teens are to participate in various summer training’s – that is where I come in. As part of a different component of the NARAL youth programs, the Adolescent Health Care Communication Program (AHCCP) – which came out of the TORCH program – has been asked to conduct weekly training for the peer leaders on different topics.

The topics, thus far, that have been covered in the training have been:

  • Facilitation Techniques
  • Team Building
  • Workshop Presentations
  • Role-Play Skills Development
  • Communication
  • Cultural Competency

Peer leaders have also been provided the opportunity to mediate at each of these trainings. This portion of the training serves the teens as an opportunity to relax and build on a more enjoyable experience at these trainings. Each of the AHCCP interns have something unique and creative to offer when planning these trainings – my specialty has been the team building exercises. The teens really seem to enjoy working with other teens who they normally would not interact with – this is especially difficult for most teens since teens usually establish a “clique” in which they only interact with specified individuals. The TORCH teens have seem to become more open with each other in the sense that they are no longer uncomfortable working with others whom they have not yet familiarized themselves with.

This program is a great asset to the work NARAL and Pro-Choice New York does in the outer communities of all five boroughs. If you want to learn more about TORCH, please visit their website and read their blog. Also, here is the workshop I created for July 24th training.


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