Public Health: The Skills Needed for this New Field

Overall, the internship has allowed me to practice my skills in research, data collection, literature review writing, and program development, dissemination, and evaluation. The AHCCP has very minimal data analyze since the final curriculum is in the process of being evaluated, however, data was still being collected in the form of the extensive literature review and peer-educator focus groups. The data from the existing research was compiled into a literature review for program development purposes. Through the literature review we identified common themes and “best practices”, and through the focus groups we’ve identified certain teaching techniques and difficulties for teens when teaching health care providers.

I also had the chance to develop an evaluation component to another curriculum under the AHCCP program. This evaluation was already being used, however, I was asked to review it against the counterparts of the curriculum and identify any gaps between what was being taught by the peer educators and what was being evaluated. This was a simple assignment; however, I have not had much practice with developing program evaluations up to this point. We had decided on using paper forms of evaluation surveys versus electrical forms of the survey. However, we had also decided to send out a post-survey via survey monkey for participants to evaluate the presenters and materials presented rather than compare what they never knew to what they know now. The post-surveys were developed with the idea of program improvement; for peer education training on public speaking, presentation, dependability, etc.

Being able to practice my evaluation techniques has given me a better insight on program planning and program processing. I had previous experience in program implementation, but not program planning or program evaluation. Interning at NARAL, has really given me more insight and practice in this new skill set.



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