Reaction Blog: The Book of Choices

NARAL Pro-Choice New York has various set of projects that they are currently working on and TORCH has been of the more active projects that have continued to make a great impact. NARAL continues to produce projects and activities surrounding reproductive health rights. The Book of Choices is an initiative that provides accurate information for teens that are facing unplanned pregnancies. The book provides information on:

  • Where to get an abortion
  • what you need to know before getting an abortion
  • resources for women choosing to continue their pregnancy.
  • provides information on preventing pregnancy, including different contraceptive methods.

Source: NARAL

This book serves as a resource and an outlet to accessing correct information that easy to read and understand. Teens can access this book online or they can make their way up to 33rd street and park ave and ask for an actual book. All the information is updated frequently and is reviewed to assure that the information is accurate. The Book of Choices is a great resource and many community-based organizations use this as means of referring their patients or teens to needed services that are not offered through their own programs. I believe this is a great tool that can be empowering, informative, and inspiring.


My Visit to NARAL Pro-Choice New York

Source: NARAL Pro-Choice New Yrok

Hey There Girlies and Dudes!

Hope you’ve all had an amazing start to your week, and as for me I can say I did!

This morning afternoon I the unique opportunity to interview for an internship position at NARAL Pro-Choice New York. It was truly inspiring to actually visit the organization that has spearheaded the woman’s reproductive justice movement here in NY along with other Pro-choice organizations.

The most intriguing thing about this organization is their history. NARAL Pro-Choice New York  has been around for more than 30 years and as an organization has created partnerships between policy makers and legislators, health care service providers and advocates for women and youth, and other community-based and corporate organizations. The organization provides the needed resources in terms of information regarding access to birth control, abortion, and reproductive health care.

I had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful NARAL employees, Ms. Pauline who is the Director of one of the youth programs there, and Ms. Katie who’s a feel intern and has been with NARAL for over a year.

I was really anxious to interview for the position, but what was more intense for me was actually living up to the history of this national organization, who have held very high standards in the realm of woman’s health rights. I wasn’t worried about wooing them with rehearsed answers to questions I’ve heard all too often, but my mission was to tell them how passionate I am about the work that I do. I felt like I accomplished that the best way that I could, because my nerves still rattled me as I spoke.

Ms. Pauline and Ms. Katie said they would look at my blog, so hopefully they see this post and say “Hey, she’s talking about us!”. Theses two individuals were very inspiring and I was so honored to have gotten the opportunity to even meet them.

Take the time to learn more about NARAL Pro-Choice New York and how to get involved, if reproductive rights is something that interest you.

Source: NARAL Pro-Choice New York